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01/16/2019 - Welcome to Rwanda-Land of a 1000 Hills!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 19:00
Research V, Jacobs University

Welcome to Rwanda-Land of a 1000 Hills!

Jean Ntawanguwe
Jacobs University  |  Class of 2019
Bsc. Industrial Engineering and Management

Fun Fact about Rwanda:

  • Rwanda is known as a Country of a Thousand Hills because of its hills and beautiful landscapes
  • Rwanda Cofee & Tea are one of the best ones in the world.
  • Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa and it has a very fast growing economy
  • Rwanda is located 2 degrees south of Equator and is located in East Africa (Central East Africa), and is known to be located at the Heart of Africa!
  • Our Traditional Dances are amazing!  Rwanda is Just Beautiful
  • Rwanda has the highest number of women in the parliament: 65%
  • Our President, His Excellency Paul Kagame is now the Head of the African Union. 
  • The Capital: Kigali
    • Very green and clean anytime
    • safe and welcoming anytime
    • you can go for a walk in the evening and you can be sure of your safety
    • has good hotels to stay at for sure--Marriott recommended but very costly
    • Most of the administrative buildings and ministries located there
  • Hospitality
    • Kigali Convention Center (Hosts international & African conferences)
    • Hotels increasing in the city--notably Marriot and Radisson Hotel
    • Hotel The Milles Colline--which some people may know from the country's History.
  • Tourism
    • Virunga National Parks--Home of Gorillas (1500 USD per visit),  located in a volcano and surrounded by a chain of volcanoes ...Amazing local food sold on the way to the park (At Enterprise Urwibutso)
      • possible to walk from the ground to the top of the tallest volcano and mountain in Rwanda, but very few people successfully reach to the mountain top!
    • Akagera National Park-- has many animals including giraffes, hypos, zebras, lion, birds, etc..
    • Nyungwe National Park--A natural forest --Has a Canopy walk, which is at 70 Meters above the ground, people walk there to see birds and the beauty of the forest from above
      • It is always raining regardless of the season, but there are coats that one puts on and enjoy the visit
      • Camping possible
      • It is a good hike to move from the office building to the canopy walk!
      • It's very beautiful scenery and you can take cool pictures.
      • Very good road from Kigali (capital to the forest)
      • Good local brochettes sold on a few business centers on the way to the park
  • Rwanda's Vision
    • Vision 2020 coming to an end--helped Rwanda to achieve most of UN's MDGs 
    • Hasn't had any civil war over the past 20+ years
    • Very safe, clean, and green
    • Take Singapore as a role model and want to be a Service-based economy
    • Wants to be self-reliant and free from foreign aids: currently, 40% of the National budget comes from aid, it used to be around 60% or so!


Date: 16. January
Time: 19 pm
Place: Research V
Language: English/German