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Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 18:30
Haus Vier Deichgrafen Zum Alten Speicher 6 28759 Bremen, Vegesack


"200th Anniversary of Bremen Town Musicians"

Step up for our world stars

Who says life as seniors has to be boring and end full of sad things? Nothing like that is suggested in the 200-year-old story of the Bremen Town Musicians by the brothers Grimm. At least with our local group of energetic seniors, this is certainly also not the case. They cordially invite you to an evening of reading in high and low German language and a lively discussion about the famous history of the Bremen Town Musicians. In fact, the town musicians overcome the most adverse obstacles and end up with unimaginable wealth, name and fame.

What does the story tell us about the life of senior citizens in modern society? Can it lead us to greater insights into self-determination, more inner trust, wisdom, and creativity? How can health and longevity be supported by life-positive team activities like the town musicians had? Is there a place where people in this world can feel happy, safe and free? The answer must be yes, there is! But another question arises, why have the old city musicians never reached Bremen downtown? Some say they settled here in the enchanting maritime northern part of Bremen. Help solve the mystery of their life and see what the local seniors have to say?

This evening is for young and elderly alike. Students are invited to the beautiful seminar room at Haus Vier Deichgrafen located on the Weser Waterkant directly in front of the Museum Schulschiff Deutschland. This cozy invitation is ideal for psychology students and those interested in social sciences and indigenous language applications. Guests are very welcome!

In addition, the new research study concerning musical perception in the human brain in young and the elderly will be presented. Jacobs University team around Prof. Ben Godde will explain how music affects the brain coherence and fine motor skills. We will also hear how to train the human brain for increased creative and perceptual acuity in all ages. The evening will be conducted bilingually in German and English!

Information about the venue:
barrier free/non-smoking located just a couple of bus stops from Jacobs University on the Weser River, Admission free

About the series of lectures, "The Bremen Town Musicians in the Light of Culture, Science and World Peace":
This special anniversary lecture series on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Bremen Town Musicians will be held from March to September 2019. The presentations by experienced artists, renowned scientists and researchers will take place at important historical sites in Bremen North on the banks of the Weser. The unique series in cooperation with the department of Economic Development Bremen opens a new and modern chapter about this internationally celebrated history that has made the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bremen famous. Bremen remains the city that still touches the hearts and minds of people all over the world through this popular fairytale of the Bremen Town Musicians.

Everyone is cordially invited to attend the lectures and celebrations in Bremen, Bremen Nord, and Bremerhaven.

Creative program organization for Bremen Nord "The Bremen Town Musicians in the Light of Culture, Science and World Peace":
Cynthia Nieland

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