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03/29/2017 UNESCO WORLD WATER DAY 2017 (Part II)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 18:30
Research V


In part I of our UNESCO World Water Day event on 22.3., English for JU discussed the value of water for our ecosystem and explored the importance of water in sustaining health and longevity. In part two we will present the theme of life on planet earth from the perspective of an artist and a poet. Human life emerges from water. Water unites the planet its inhabitants, continents, cultures and allows communication of peoples of all nations. Water represents life on our blue planet. Can we can view water is our common home?

Eva Maria Löhmann

“The Blue Planet ” Art works by Eva Maria Löhmann

Eva Maria Löhmann is a well known artist in Bremen. Her large scale paintings express the majesty of the earth’s waters. Using multi shades of blue, her canvas springs to life with the vibrancy of flowing colors. “We are Water”, “Water Worlds” (Wasserwelten), “Meer erleben” and “Eiszeit” are just some of her water inspired works of art. Her art has been exhibited in many parts of Germany.


Samuel Ngwarai

“Take me back. Take me Home” by Samuel Ngwari

This heart rendered lyric poem explores thoughts of heritage between cultural evolution and cultural dissolution. In an eloquent way the poet-scientist beautifully unites cultural sustainability and globalization and asks where is my home on planet earth? What are the uniting factors of the flow of global transition, high tech innovation and world peace?
Samuel Ngwari is a second year Computer Science student from Zimbawe. He is an active member of the Computer Science community at Jacobs University. He is currently also the presiding President of the African Heritage Society.


All are welcome to participate in this intercultural evening. German and English are spoken informally and spring refreshments will be served.

Organisation: English for JU - The Human Experience in Cultures, Science and World Peace

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