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05/10/2017 English for JU Event: VESAK - SPRING BUFFET 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 18:30
Research V


Special Spring Buffet, Poetry, Recitation & Music

The United Nations is spotlighting the “Full Moon” on the 10th of  May as an international day of peace, good will and enlightenment, It is called “Vesak”.  On Vesak English & German for JU will celebrate with a beautiful global community dinner and the coming of spring. Guests bring a tasty dish to put on the buffet table and share with others in the spirit of community and friendship.

Matthias Vogel, Director of the Olbers Planetarium, explained in his multimedia presentation. “Stars over Bremen” at English for JU on Feb. 8th, that the brilliance of the stars over Bremen can be seen clearest in the skies of Bremen Nord around Jacobs University!

This VESAK evening which also falls during the Europawoche 2017, will be highlighted by 30 beautiful poems by famous German poets recited by heart by Marianne Koswig. She will present lyrics by Schiller, Goethe, Hesse, Morgenstern, Fontane, Kästner and Rilke among others.

Join in the community spirit. We welcome everyone to attend.

“Friend, hast thou heard of the golden age? Full many a story Poets have sung in its praise, simply and touchingly sung —
Of the time when the holy still wandered over life's pathways."
“Friendship” by Friedrich Schiller

Sponsor: English and German for JU