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Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 19:00
Research V

Talk & Buffet

"The Challenges and Chances of Becoming Global Citizens - An Intergenerational Perspective"

Speaker: Dipl. Psychologist Frank Haber

Parents generally don’t know how to best relate to their grown-up children if they have adopted values and opinions very different from those typically held by their own generations. However, when young adults decide to study abroad or pursue international careers, they often immerse themselves into foreign cultures and get exposed to beliefs and life-styles that may even seem incompatible to those of their parent's more traditional world views. Adding to this challenge, the communication between parents and their sojourning children can only be nutured over long-distance and across different time zones. Frank Haber's  talk will outline some of the greatest challenges for parents and children pursuing international careers introducing global citizenship as framework for generating ideas how to bridge the generational gap in a globalized world. Participants will be invited to ask questions and share their own experiences and visions regarding the topic. The talk and discussion will be in English language.

Dipl.-Psych. Frank Haber works as Psychological Counselor and Intercultural Education Officer at Jacobs University Bremen. He is Chair of the Guidance and Counseling Expert Community of the European Association for International Education, freelance intercultural trainer and author of several publications on multiculturalism and sojourner's mental health.

Sponsored by :
The English for JU Group
The Human Experience in Cultures, Science and World Peace

English & German for JU is a weekly bilingual discussion group with changing topics in the field of cultures, science and world peace. The Jacobs community is invited to attend interesting interdisciplinary talks by prominent scientists, researchers, writers, artists and leaders of society. The lectures are free and refreshments are served. English & German for JU is the winner of the Jacob's University " Social Involvement and Community Service Award 2017".
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The theme of the buffet is: "A Little Taste of International Home Cooking".
The colorful dishes will include fresh salads, tasty snacks, sandwiches, casseroles, desserts, cakes.

This buffet event is by donations of the English for JU Group and Einwohner Verein Bremen Grohn e.V.
Thank you to all of the parents and Jacobs Host Parents for their kindness an care!