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Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 18:30
Research V
World Yoga Day



This will be our 3rd World Yoga Day at Jacobs University for Bremen. This is the most auspicious place to have the event considering the wholistic, harmonizing effect of yoga on the individual, the environment and the international society. The UN considers this to be an effective method for alleviating  growing individual stress and global tension.

Dr. Monika Göckel, a neurobiologist and yoga expert will lead into the Yoga session.

Friends and Family are very welcome to attend this World Community event.
Please bring a Yoga mat etc.
We will start in Research V and then move to the big sports hall which is 15x26 m which is big enough for a large group practice. We have several local yoga teachers who will lead the easy yoga exercises recommended by the UN in the sports hall.

UNESCO World Yoga Day Program Jacobs University

18:30 Introduction to the 3rd UNESCO International Yoga Day
           Cynthia Nieland, Ayurveda Naturopathic Practioner, Author
           Practice for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, Lesum

18:40  Maria Bikaki, Jacobs University PhD. student speaks on personal experiences and
           Yoga benefits for health, mental clarity and inner balance.

18:45 Yoga Nidra Practice
          Dr. Monika Göckel, Neurobiolgist

19:00 Yoga for Prevention and Health - Yoga as a Science
           Dr. med. E. Schrott (Skype multimedia)
           Vedamed, Practice for Natural Medicine, Homeopathy & Ayurveda, Author,

19:20 Ancient Vedic Recitation for Harmony & Peace
          Nepal Lohd
          Dipl. Sozialwissenschaftler, Yoga Meister
          Prof. Lehrbeauftragter Fach-Hochschule
          Institut für Prävention und Ganzheitliche Gesundheit,   

19:30 Official International Day Yoga Protocol der UNESCO
          Group Practice Session I
          Sabine Warnecke
          Yoga Schule Auszeit
20:30 Group Practice Session II
           Kirsten Langheinrich
           SV Löhnhorst

This UNESCO inspired event is free for everyone to attend.

Design: Andrea Neumeister
Dr. Monika Göckel
Sabine Warnecke

Sponsored by:
English for JU
The Human Experience in Cultures, Science and World Peace


World Yoga Day
Photo: C. Nieland
World Yoga Day
Photo: C. Nieland
Photo: C. Nieland