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06/26/2019 - Chaos and Self-Organization in the Universe

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 19:00
KITO Café, Alte Hafen Str. 30, Bremen


Chaos and Self-Organization in the Universe


Speaker: Astrophysicist, Ulrich v. Kusserow, Bremen

Chaotic and turbulent processes on the one hand,  and self-organizing organizational processes on the other hand, together determine the course of many structural processes and developments almost everywhere in the universe in an uncanny characteristic way. How did our universe originate? How could galaxies, stars, and planets form? How was it possible that life in the Earth's biosphere developed over billions of years? And to what extent do we "chaotic" HUMAN BEINGS influence many of the naturally self-organizing evolutionary processes on our planet today? Supported by impressive real-life footage, vivid illustrations, animations, and video sequences, this lecture aims to make basic principles of the formation of ordered structures through complex interaction processes in seemingly chaotic turbulent media ABSOLUTELY PLAUSIBLE. The internationally renowned astrophysicist, ULRICH VON KUSSEROW explains how lucky we humans have been that our life on such a beautiful planet has been able to evolve, orbiting with the sun as an ideal star in a remote spiral arm of a Milky Way. There will be a bilingual discussion following the presentation.

The current particularly intensified anthropogenic influences on our sensitive life system will be critically examined. Ullrich von Kusserow would like to shake up, clear up and make suggestions on what the individual human being can do so that we all can live together in a world without climatic chaos. This topic contribution will be held in the context of the Wednesdays Discussion Circle organized by Cynthia Bolen-Nieland, "The Human Experience in Culture, Science and World Peace" and is meant as a contribution to the Bremer Stadtmusikanten Summer. The maxim is "Together we are strong therefore let's save the Planet"!

Free of charge FOR STUDENTS: Donations are very welcome.

Information: Ulrich v. Kusserow

Talk: Wednesday 26.6.2019 - 19.00
Location: KITO Alte Hafen Str. 30
Organizing Group: Cynthia Bolen-Nieland at JU
Multilingual Conversation Group
The Human Experience in Cultures, Science and World Peace