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09/28/2017 English for JU Event - "The Amazing Trip from the Stars over Bremen to the End of the Universe"

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 18:30
Olbers Planetarium

The Director of the Olbers Planetarium, Hochschule Bremen, invites you to a special SCIENTIFIC multimedia presentation. The Olbers Planetarium in Bremen is famous for its amazing colorful star-studded multimedia Musical ceiling. You will be able to view the authentic position of the stars over Bremen and Director Andreas Vogel will take you on a virtual journey through the universe. He will discuss topics like Einstein's famous theory of the unified field and black holes.

Transportation will be organized for JU students upon valid reservation. Cars will depart from JU at 17 pm. Registration is required as space is limited.

This community event is free for students, faculty and host families. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Kontakt & Reservation: JU-Talk [at]