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11/15/2017 “Public Reading "101 Dinge, die ein Weltenbummler wissen muss“

"German for Students": World Travelers share travel stories.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 19:00
Lecture Hall Research V
Aylin + Stefan Krieger
Aylin & Stefan Krieger, authors from Bremen, share travel stories from their journey around the globe. In their book "101 Dinge, die ein Weltenbummler wissen muss" they give advice for people who love to travel. In this multimedia presentation they not only share stories, but also photographs from their adventures. 


English for JU Event - “Deutsch for Students“/ Public Reading & Multimedia-Presentation

World Travelers - Aylin & Stefan Krieger – spent 18 months traveling the world. And even after their return traveling is their greatest passion. In a beautiful multimedia presentation Aylin and her husband Stefan Krieger, share stories and photographs from the road. They are the authors of the new book “101 Dinge, die ein Weltenbummler wissen muss” (engl.: Travel 101 for world travelers). 

The public reading will be in German. 

“English & Deutsch for JU” is a weekly bilingual discussion group with changing topics, complimentary organized by Cynthia and Udo Nieland at Jacobs University. The greater Jacobs community is invited to attend interesting interdisciplinary talks by scientists, researchers, writers, and artists. The project is the winner of the Jacobs University “Social Involvement and Community Service Award 2017".

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