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“We are facing a period of change. In future higher education will be more open, digital, project-based and competence orientated.”
Andrea Ruf from Uni Vechta


“Education will increasingly use digital tools to be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual.”
Our dean Prof. Arvid Kappas


“My radical idea for excellent higher education: more collaborative and group learning scenarios like open curricula, where people can come with a profile and tell a rough idea they want to be qualified for.”
Hendrik Drachsler from German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF)


“We will have to find a new approach that will help students develop competencies and skills that they can use actually to discover and design the future and not just be prepared for a future that experts are waiting for.”
Manuel Dolderer from Code University


“Talking about digitalization in education is a combination: having some digital elements and having some face-to-face interactions.”
Stanislav Chankov from Jacobs University


“One thing is very important and unachieved so far: To make sure that everyone can get a college degree. Essential is making students less passive and more active in their own educational experiences.”
Susan Engel from Williams College


“Digitalization makes collaboration with colleagues across the world much easier and will speed up research in some areas.”
Wouter van den Bos from University of Amsterdam