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MoLife Res Seminar

04/27/2016 MOLIFE RESEARCH SEMINAR: Dr. Gesine Heuck

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 13:00
Lecture Hall of Research II



The NanoAssemblr Platform: Microfluidic Manufacture of Nanoparticles


Dr. Gesine Heuck - Precision NanoSystems Inc. (Vancouver, Canada)

Abstract: Here we introduce the NanoAssemblr™ Platform, which uses custom engineered microfluidic cartridges to perform nanoprecipitation within milliseconds and nanoliter reaction volumes. This enables well controlled, bottom-up self-assembly of nanoparticles such as RNA lipid nanoparticles, liposomes and polymeric nanoparticles with tunable sizes and low polydispersity in one single step. Full automation of the system allows for high reproducibility of batches and excellent transferability of protocols between users. Varying parameters, such as total flow rate or flow ratio of the fluids, in the microfluidic channel can allow control over the size and polydispersity of the resulting nanoparticles, e.g. liposomes.

After the seminar, there will be opportunity to test the machine with own samples. For planning, please contact Detlef Gabel (d.gabel [at] if you wish to use this possibility.