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05/11/2016 Physics Colloquium: Dr. habil. Reinhard Richter

The Surprising Nonlinear Dynamics of Magnetic Honey

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 17:45
Lecture Hall Research III

What do physicists do when they get stuck on a problem? In the case of magnet mountain growth rates, they chill and stick with it.

Under the right kind of magnetic field, a dish of magnetic liquid, called ferrofluid, will grow mountains.

Physicists   have been studying this fascinating process for fifty years. This spring, Dr. Richter  in collaboration with  Dresden Institute of Technology opened up a new area of study on the subject by using a thick, sticky, honey-like magnetic liquid. In this colloquium he reports  both on this new discovery andy on the history of ferrofluids. The colloquium will include the demonstration of an experiment.


The colloquium will be held by:

Dr. habil. Reinhard Richter, Universität Bayreuth

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Host: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kettemann, Professor of Physics | Dept. of Physics & Earth Sciences

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