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01/24/2019 - Talk Prof. Dr. Bernd Lottermoser

invited guest speaker - GOOD Meeting at Jacobs University

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 18:30
Seminar room of Research V


Talk by

Prof. Dr. Bernd Lottermoser , Director of the “Chair in Sustainable Resource Extraction” at RWTH Aachen

Title of the talk:

Bergbau im 21. Jahrhundert  -  Mining in the 21th century

as a part of the GOOD Meeting there will be a public lecture held by Prof. Bernd Lottermoser on the 24.01.19 at 18:30 in the Research V seminar room. The lecture will be given in German (with English slides).

Everybody is cordially invited to join the public lecture and the open discussion afterwards.

Mines of the future

Today’s mining has changed considerably from previous generations. Technological developments have improved exploration and mining operations. Also, today’s mining operations have become more sensitive to the communities in which they are situated and the environment in which they operate. Yet today, mining companies still face significant challenges. For example, the ore content of mineral resources decreases, the ore mineralogy becomes more complex, the depth and size of mining operations increase, and the amount of waste spirals. Nowadays, the concept of “sustainable mining”, to be able to provide resources for future generations economically and using environmentally sound and socially accepted practices, has become a major global challenge. Such a challenge will only be solved through very important changes, in the way the mining sector engages with society, uses energy, protects the environment, educates professionals and pursues innovations. Mines of the future will need to be different to those of today.