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FAQ for students

1. For which field of study is this career fair interesting? What does the fair offer for visitors?

Generally the career fair targets students of all fields. The exhibitors have offers for current students (bachelor, master, and PhD) as well as for professionals. Presented offers consist of internships, direct entry positions, traineeships, and thesis projects. Many companies and institutions use the fair as a way of getting known and to network. The surrounding program of the career fair will offer additional information concerning the topics “Career” and “Direct Entry” giving companies the possibility to present themselves. Please check the full program for all events. The most important goal of Constructor Career Fair is to offer companies, students, and graduates at Constructor University as well as of other Universities a platform to create a network of professional contacts.

2. Which fields of study are sought after?

The desired fields of study depend on the companies. All exhibitors of the Constructor Career Fair, as well as contact persons and information can be found in our exhibitor-directory that will be published in Mid-January.

3. Where do I find job offers of these companies?

Exhibitors, who purchased the Platinum package, can publish their job and internship offers already before the fair via the Career Services Center. The offers will be sent to students via email. Furthermore, all job offers will be displayed in paperform at the Job Board during the fair. Additionally, all job offers will be published on the Jobportal of the Career Services Center..

4. Where do I find information about the program?

Alongside with the exhibitor list, we will publish detailed information about the program of the Constructor Career Fair. During the fair there will be company presentations and workshops.

5. Do I have to register for the fair? Is there a fee?

The Constructor Career Fair is offered to all Students and Alumni of Constructor University Bremen and of other Universities. The participation for all visitors is free of charge. Attendance at the Constructor Career Fair is mandatory for all students of Constructor University. JU students are asked to sign an attendance sheet at the Info Point. But please note that registration is required for the company presentations and workshops. Please follow the link given in our program.

6. Which dress code will be expected?

As it is a professional Career Fair and one will meet potential future employers, business dress code is preferred. Please remember: A cultivated appearance is crucial for occupational success.

7. What are company expectations?

Nowadays, companies search for qualified young potential employees of diverse study areas. Please be informed about the companies at the Constructor Career Fair. The better you are prepared the easier it is for you to answer and ask questions. This guarantees interesting conversations right away.

8. Do I have to bring my application documents?

In order to present yourself and show some general interest in the company a short application consisting of your CV and a short cover letter should suffice. These days many companies prefer an online application including your complete application documents as they are easier to handle. Thus, our recommendation is: Remember the name of the company representative at the fair. This way, when you apply online and give his/ her name, your application can be easily sorted and referred back to you.
For professional preparation and presentation of your application have a look at our  Online-Tutorials and our CV-Tool. These resources are available for free to all Constructor Students and Alumni.

9. Do real job interviews take place?

This depends entirely on the company and the way in which the dialogue is happening. Often the conversation and the exchange of your documents may lead to a job interview. It is up to the company if this interview will happen at the Constructor Career Fair or later.

10. Where do I find a hall plan for the event and the exhibiting companies?

A map of the booths as well as the exhibitors-directory is available in Mid-January.