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Jacobs University our focus on Mobility

Our Focus on MOBILITY


Understanding the worldwide flow of people, goods and information is important in today’s globalized world. Information influences the life of the individual and the cohesion of societies and cultures in many different ways. Expertise in different disciplines, such as computer science, communication technology, logistics, mathematics and psychology are brought together in the development of new solutions.



Faculty and Researchers in the Focus Area Mobility

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
a.alanwar [at]
Research I, Room 67
Professor of Computer Science
p.baumann [at]
Research I, Room 88
Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
a.birk [at]
Research I, Room 39
University Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
m.bode [at]
Research I, Room 93
Adjunct Professor of Numerical Modeling
Sergey.Danilov [at]
h.eshkiki [at]
Research I, Room 102b
Professor of Electrical Engineering
g.abreu [at]
Research I, Room 105
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
i.gorbovickis [at]
Research I, Room 128
Professor of Electrical Engineering
w.henkel [at]
Research I, Room 61
University Lecturer [at]
Research I, Room 92
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Alan T. Huckleberry
Wisdom Professor of Mathematics
a.huckleberry [at]
Research I, Room 110
Professor of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
m.joodaki [at]
Research I, Room 62
Professor for Complex Systems
s.kettemann [at]
Research III, Room 96
Dr. Kinga Lipskoch
University Lecturer in Computer Science
k.lipskoch [at]
Research I, Room 94
University Lecturer in Mathematics
k.mallahikarai [at]
Research I, Room 108
Professor in Marine System with focus on Marine Robotics
f.maurelli [at]
Research I, Room 50a
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
m.oliver [at]
Research I, Room 107
Professor of Mathematics
i.penkov [at]
Research I, Room 111
Professor of Mathematics
s.petrat [at]
Research I, Room 112
Professor of Mathematical Modelling of Medical Processes
t.preusser [at]
Research I, Room 132
Professor of Computer Science
j.schoenwaelder [at]
Research I, Room 87
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
wells [at]
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
p.zaspel [at]
Research I, Room 168