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Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL)



WIL Conference

Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL) is a student-led initiative organized by young people from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. It is a two-day conference to be held online on May 8th & 9th 2021 at Jacobs University, after unfortunately being canceled this year due to the Corona virus pandemic.

The conference is an intersectional feminist event which aims at promoting social justice, gender equality, and human rights. WIL provides a platform for advocacy, dialogue, and inspiration in the interest of advancing equality in the professional sphere.

In supporting our cause, you help make this conference possible, contribute to a more equal and better world for all genders.

Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL) aims to fight mis- and under-representations of women in leadership positions, while also tackling the issues of intersectional feminism.

At the heart of WIL is our genuine belief that the empowerment of women is imperative to create a society that stands at the pinnacle of political, social, cultural and economic life.

The focus on intersectional feminism is integral to our mission as we recognize that women of color, women of all sexual orientations, transwomen and women from all socio-economic backgrounds are often forgotten and suffer the worst of societal marginalization.

We, therefore, strive for intersectionality and diversity in our conference. Our idea is that of a world of equality in which all women are empowered and free of discrimination.

WIL is our contribution to the creation of this world.


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For questions regarding the Women’s International Leadership conference or this related donation site, please contact:

Theresa Emily Niklas
Head of Finance of the WIL conference 2021
Email: t.niklas [at]


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