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The International Foundation Year is a one-year preparatory program, designed for students who either need to work on their academic skills or who are not sure what they want to study.

The program is therefore designed to offer both, a unique variety in subject areas and modules to define your individual study plan, as well as in-depth qualification and specialization options to best prepare for your desired undergraduate study direction.


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Subject Areas

Through a combination of core modules and subject-specific study, students will develop the skills they need to successfully start their undergraduate education. Students can choose from three subject areas that act as a pathway to a degree at Constructor University.

This subject area covers the fundamentals of computer programing, coding, mathematics, and technology. Digitalization lies at the core of all modern industries and plays a major role in today’s work life, and so these subjects will prepare students to work in modern tech environments.
This subject area prepares students for degree programs within the department of Life Sciences & Chemistry at Constructor University. Each program teaches theoretical and practical skills for rewarding careers across many different industries in the field of natural sciences.
This subject area provides students with the necessary foundation to pursue a variety of business or social science careers, from management and accounting to psychology and human resource management. Students gain practical and professional skills that enhance their employability.

Core Modules

The core modules are integral parts of the IFY program. They are designed to provide students with basic interdisciplinary knowledge to enhance their academic and personal skills.

This module aims to strengthen English language abilities in all four areas (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and improve academic study skills. Students will also learn the fundamentals of conducting research, such as writing academic papers and citing sources.


Upon joining the program, students will be given a mathematics placement test to determine whether they take the basic or advanced route. Both are designed to help students develop skills around mathematics and statistics. The first semester focuses on generic content, while the module in the second semester is specific to each student’s chosen subject.


This second semester module is a follow-up for ‘Advanced Mathematics’ and is a mandatory module for students in the subject areas ‘Sciences’ and ‘Technology’. Since advanced mathematical skills are essential for students in these subject areas, ‘Pure Mathematics’ provides them with the essential knowledge and tools to be properly prepared for the respective undergraduate degrees at Constructor University. The course covers main topics in introductory algebra and calculus, and the study sessions include extensive problem solving as well as tutorials.

This second-semester module is essential for students continuing their studies within the subject are ‘Society’, particularly in the areas of business and management, logistics, and social sciences and humanities. Fundamental knowledge in statistics is essential for degrees within these areas, and this is what the module ‘Foundation Statistics’ provide for student on that pathway. The course covers main topics in statistical analysis and probability, sampling and confidence limits, as well as correlation and regression. The study sessions include extensive application of statistical concepts on applied models.

Students will learn the basics of coding and computational thinking providing them with problem-solving skills that are highly sought after in today’s job market.

The program also provides students with training for the TestAS, which is the precondition for progressing to an undergraduate degree program at Constructor University. This only applies to students who need to pass a German university entrance examination.

This module has been specially designed to enable students to progress to their undergraduate studies. It focuses on increasing the self-competence and social skills necessary to flourish in a university environment. It also provides students with general skills that pave the way for success in life and the world of employment.



Subject Area Technology

This module introduces students to the structure and components of a computer system and the key components and responsibilities of an operating system. Providing students with an understanding of how computers and their Windows Operating systems and Linux Operating systems work will equip them with a good grounding for their degree studies.

This module introduces students to the process of programming. The general principles of the Python 3 programming language are outlined, and students develop their programming skills by learning to program using Python 3. The teaching approach will involve some theory and trouble-shooting sessions but will feature a significant number of hours engaged in the practical work involved in learning and working with Python 3.


Subject Area Sciences

Chemistry is an essential discipline for any student wanting to continue their studies in natural, physical, and biological sciences at Constructor  University. The first semester module ‘Foundation Chemistry’ hence provides the students within the subject area ‘Sciences’ with an overall and basic knowledge of the various fields within chemistry. Topics covered include fundamental aspects of general, analytical, inorganic, physical, and organic chemistry. The study sessions will be supplemented with a first overview on research methods within chemistry.

Alongside chemistry, physics is a complementary discipline in science, and a basic knowledge of main topics in physics is a requirement for students to start their undergraduate studies at Constructor University within the different scientific degrees. The second semester module ‘Foundation Physics’ provides the students within such knowledge, and covers areas within mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, and quantum and nuclear physics among others. Same as with ‘Foundation Chemistry’, this course also gives a first impression of research within physics.


Subject Area Society

This module introduces students to political economy, macroeconomics and microeconomics, and their differences. The course considers economic aspects of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services, introduces the idea of markets as places for economic transactions, including supply and demand, and explains the role of money in a society. Foundation Economics is a subject specific module within the ‘Society’ subject area and is provided in the first semester of their foundation year. The course aims to provide students with the appropriate foundation in economic theory and economic history, and to enable them to be successful in their later related undergraduate studies in the fields of Business, Industrial Engineering or Social Sciences.

This module aims to introduce students to the basic mechanics and processes of financial accounting in both theory and practice, including bookkeeping. It further helps students to understand the importance of financial accounting procedures and the resulting financial statements for running a business. Financial Accounting is a subject specific module within the ‘Society’ subject area and is provided in the second semester of their foundation year. This course provides them the needed foundation and to enable them to be successful in their later related undergraduate studies in the fields of Business, Industrial Engineering or Social Sciences.



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Undergraduate Modules

All students have the option to take two undergraduate modules (Qualification Pathway: from the chosen field of studies / Orientation Pathway: all modules available)

Undergraduate Transfer Options

Students will have the opportunity to attend undergraduate-level courses and earn up to 15 ECTS credit points that will count towards their bachelor’s degree at Constructor University. This gives students direct experience with course materials and professors, before even beginning their studies.
Through a combination of core modules and subject-specific study, students will develop the skills they need to successfully start their undergraduate education. Students can choose from three subject areas that act as a pathway to a degree at Constructor University.

Choose Modules from these Undergraduate Programs:

  • Computer Science
  • Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Physics
  • Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology
  • Society, Media, and Politics
  • and more

Schematic Study Plans

Meet some of our Foundation Year graduates

Living on campus allows you to experience the beauty of different cultures. I have made friends with students from all over the world.

Darlina Mamaqi - Albania

The classes are small, our instructors take care of each individual student and help us out if we struggle with the material.

Oleg Borisov - Russia

Gaining insights into an institution like Jacobs [now Constructor] University and taking courses from many disciplines has helped me to find myself and to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Emily Waller - Germany

The program allowed me to get to know my strengths and my weaknesses and to recognize my potential.

Göksenin Cakir - Turkey

We are integrated into everyday university life and get a good insight into the life of the students and into the various subjects. It’s now much clearer to me what I want

Elias Bosch – Germany

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Fall, 202227 August 20221 September 20227 December 202209 – 22 Dec 202214+1
Spring, 202321 January 2023 30 January 202312 May 202315 – 30 May 202314+1

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The International Foundation Year prepares you for an undergraduate degree program of your choice at Constructor University. You have the choice between a big variety of subjects ranging from the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering to the social sciences and economics. Discover your dream program now.

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To progress directly into your chosen undergraduate degree course at Constructor University, students from the Qualification Pathway need to successfully complete the International Foundation Year and achieve a minimum score on the entrance exam (TestAS).