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Jacobs University International College (JUIC)

Join the International Foundation Year at JUIC and prepare for an international undergraduate education. The academic preparatory program allows you to explore different subjects, strengthen your personal and academic skills, and develop your English language abilities.

Your Benefits At a glance

One program solving two issues at the same time! The International Foundation Year is a one-year preparatory program, designed for students who either need to work on their academic skills or who are not sure what they want to study.

Jacobs University is: 

  • The only German university to offer all its programs in English
  • An incredibly international community with over 110 nationalities
  • An American-style campus university with active student life and organizations
  • Located in the heart of Europe between Hamburg and Amsterdam
  • Qualification

    Do you want to study at a top university in Germany, but you don’t meet the entrance requirements?
    Then the Qualification Pathway is your choice!  
    Prepare academically for your undergraduate degree in your chosen field of studies at Jacobs University
    Improve your Academic English – Academic literacy as the foundation for a successful education
    Intercultural Experiences – Gain an understanding of other cultures to prepare you for your international career
    Earn transferable undergraduate course credits (ECTS) and get a head start on your lectures
    Guaranteed admission to Jacobs University after successful completion of the International Foundation Year
  • Orientation

    Are you unsure what you want to study?
    Then the Orientation Pathway gives you the chance to explore.
    Try courses from different fields of studies to figure out, what you want to study
    Become a true citizen of the world by living and learning with students from over 110 nations
    Benefit from core qualification courses, such as coding, Academic English and personal development coaching
    Earn transferable undergraduate course credits (ECTS) that can be used for your bachelor program
    Guaranteed admission to Jacobs University after successful completion of the International Foundation Year

What our Foundation Year students say

Ready for your future?


As a private, non-profit, English-speaking university offering the highest standards in research and teaching, Jacobs University attracts highly talented and open-minded students from all over the world. On Germany’s most international campus students become citizens of the world, able to take responsibility for a sustainable and peaceful future of humanity.

  • Academic Quality

    Students are held to the highest academic standards and benefit greatly from interdisciplinary education, individualized mentorship from faculty, and early research opportunities.

  • Personal Development

    Our students graduate with self-competence and social skills. The diversity encountered during their education prepares them to participate within diverse cultures and global industries.

  • International Outlook

    With more than 110 nations represented on campus, students live and learn among a melting pot of ideas and viewpoints, providing an experience that uncovers new passions and broadens perspective.

  • Success Stories

    After successfully completing the International Foundation Year, our students prove to be well prepared for their future by successfully transitioning into our undergraduate degree programs. They excel as mature and competent students, who want to make a difference in the world.


Top ranked in Germany and worldwide

Among the top 30% of universities worldwide

#1 international university in Germany

#1 private university in Germany

#2 young university in Germany

#1 young university in teaching in Germany



The experience of your lifetime

Are you into sports or arts? Develop your interpersonal and intercultural skills by joining one or more of our many clubs and participating in a variety of campus life activities. Build good sportsmanship on our Rowing Team, strike the right notes in our J-Cappella choir, or philosophize in our Debating Society. No matter what your interests and hobbies are, there is something for everyone. Of course, having a good time with new friends in college is a given!
You will live in your own furnished room in a modern two-bedroom apartment unit sharing bathroom facilities with your roommate. There are four residential colleges on campus, each with its own spirit and atmosphere.
You will benefit from:

  • Personal support on campus by Resident Mentors in each college
  • Full board in student cafeterias (“serveries”) in each college
  • Coffee Bar on campus (yum)
  • Sports facilities and a library
  • A theater, a student bar and an interfaith house
  • 24/7 security on campus
  • Beautiful location close to a river and recreational park
  • Close to the city center of Bremen, 20 minutes by public transportation

Explore our Campus Life!

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