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The choir

J-Cappella, the international choir of Jacobs University Bremen, established in 2007 and conducted since 2008 by Rucsandra Popescu – a choir conductor, composer, and pianist – occupies a special place on the musical landscape of Germany. This small choir is open to all members of the Jacobs University community (students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and friends), bringing together voices from more than 12 countries.

Besides having a unique membership that changes yearly with the departure of students who have graduated and the addition of enthusiastic freshmen, J-Cappella also boasts a highly diverse repertoire, which has grown organically since the choir’s inception.
Its singers bring with them the musical traditions of their home countries, their culturally-defined affinities for certain musical genres, as well as the songs they love most, which the choir performs in the original languages. A fascinating potpourri of styles and languages characterizes any J-Cappella performance, with classical choral pieces (both religious and secular), songs from famous musicals and movies, traditional folk songs from all over the world, gospel numbers, as well as contemporary pop, rock, and jazz.

The choir sings as a big group or as smaller ensembles formed by its members and is often accompanied by talented instrumentalists from the student ranks.
Its aim is to simply ‘make beautiful music’ – which means delivering authentic performances that move the hearts of the audience rather than striving merely for technical perfection.
Among its most memorable achievements are the performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with the Philharmonia of the Nations and the Brahms Choir of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences at the New Year’s Concert in Bremen’s Concert Hall “Die Glocke” (2010), the successful participation in the International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music in Prague (2012), crowned with 2 silver diplomas and with "very good" Diploma by the 4th "Chorverband Niedersachsen and Bremen"  Choir Competition in Celle (2016) and a much-acclaimed performance in Venice (2013).

Whether you are interested in knowing more about the choir, hearing us, joining us or booking us, please contact us.


J-Cappella returned from Celle!
Having gained the “very good” Diploma in their second choir competition, the 4th Chorverband Competition in Celle, J-Cappella proudly returned to the Jacobs University Campus!

J-Cappella in Venice!
Venice… home of art, gondole, vaporettos, Murano glass, delicious ice cream – one should rather say gelato –, water as far as the eye can see, and of course J-Cappella’s lovely conductor, Dr. Rucsandra Popescu. The choir was going on an Italian adventure, abandoning a cold and rainy Bremen painfully early on a Saturday morning, with warm clothes on their backs and warm thoughts for the weekend. Little did they know that Venice was waiting for them with arms wide open.

J-Cappella returned from Prague!
Having gained two Silver Diplomas in their very first choir competition, the 22nd International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music 2012 in Prague, J-Cappella proudly returned to the Jacobs University Campus! You can see videos of our performance in Prague in the Videos section.