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Working at Constructor University

Globalization increasingly dominates all aspects of life. As information and communication technologies develop at a terrific speed, our industrial society is being transformed into one based on information and knowledge. These developments demand new ideas for study and research.
Constructor University intends to contribute to this transformation and is guided in this by five main principles: excellence, internationality, transdisciplinarity, interactivity, and independence.
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Apprenticeship at Constructor University

Not only do students from all over the world graduate from Constructor University, but the university also offers apprenticeships for young and motivated people – to become event managers, chemical laboratory technicians, IT specialists, or office managers.

The new application period for the apprenticeships in 2023 is now open until 13.01.2023!
We are looking forward to receiving your application.



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Current Job Openings

Constructor University unequivocally guarantees the academic freedom of every member of the faculty, as well as of every other member of the Constructor University community, and encourages diversity in the University in ethnic, cultural, social, religious, political, and national background and in individual life style.