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Alumni Homecoming Success!


This weekend’s Homecoming Reunion was the largest and most successful in the history of Jacobs University. Over 140 Alumni from all over the world came home to Jacobs University to celebrate their Homecoming Reunion this past weekend with families and loved ones. The weekend was full of events, sessions, and celebrations, which united the bond between alumni and university, as well as the bond between alumni and students.

Not only was the alumni participation great, but also their involvement was unprecedented. The Career Symposium discussed “Ways of Innovation” and featured a discussion panel consisting for the first time ever of only alumni, and also featuring keynote speaker Thomas Glöckner from the company Dräger AG & Co. KGaA. With over 180 students, alumni, and faculty present in the audience, this was one of the most fruitful and conducive Career Symposiums, which has taken place at Jacobs University.

Saturday morning kept the Homecoming momentum going with a mentoring breakfast at Krupp College, and for the first time, six major reunions all around campus attended by students and alumni alike.

The General Assembly of the Alumni Association took place with great alumni participation, including President Katja Windt and Mr. Matthias Kramer. Moreover, during the weekend, alumni and students had the chance to visit the Paper Studio and the Campus Store.
The Gala Dinner was a highlight of the weekend, featuring inter alia an extravagant musical performance by our very own alumna Julia Bachmann on vocals, accompanied by current student Shuqing Anette Zhao on the piano. During the Gala Dinner, there was also an introduction to this year’s Alumni Scholarship receiver, Misley Granados Valverde.

The efforts put forth by the Jacobs Alumni Association, Alumni Relations Office, the JU Events Coordinating Team, Campus Life, the JU Marketing Team, and the student support made the Homecoming Reunion 2017 an extraordinary event.
Jacobs University would like to thank all alumni for coming back to campus from all over the world and making this weekend so special and unforgettable. We will see you next year!

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Dr. Pellegrino Favuzzi and Daisy Heinsen | Jacobs University | Alumni Relations Office
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