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Conquer Procrastination: Invitation to the Lecture

Dr. Sonia Lippke, Professorin für Gesundheitspsychologie an der Jacobs University
Picture: WFB Bremen/Jonas Ginter


June 6, 2017

Who’s not familiar with this situation? You know you need to get more exercise, eat more healthily, and spend more time with friends. Everyone has good intentions. But putting them into practice – that takes skill. Dr. Sonia Lippke, Professor of Health Psychology at Jacobs University, will be talking about the things that get in our way and what we can do to motivate ourselves, in a lecture and subsequent discussion on June 8 at 5:00 p.m.

The lecture will be held as part of the “In order to do our work, we need ... An exhibition on a healthy approach to work even in times of stress.” Hosted by the “Round Table of Psychological Stress at the Workplace” in the foyer of Gesundheitsressorts Bremen, Contrescarpe 72, the exhibition uses display boards to showcase, among other things, topics associated with healthy working habits.

Professor Sonia Lippke has been scientifically examining this topic for some time now. The full title of her lecture is: “Conquer procrastination and recover from work to improve performance. Motivation, attentiveness, and detachment – scientific insights and practical tips.”


Sonia Lippke | Professor of Health Psychology
s.lippke [at] | Tel.: +49-421-200-4730

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