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Five new professors for Jacobs University

Tilo Halaszovich, Olivier Berthod, Steffen Eickemeyer, Sören Petrat und Igors Gorbovickis. Foto: Jacobs University

September 19, 2017

More students, higher income and now also more teaching staff: Jacobs University is growing. A total of five new professors took up their appointments at the international university in Bremen at the beginning of the academic year. Despite different specializations, the quintet’s motivations are very similar – they are excited by the international environment and the high standard of teaching and research at the English-medium university.

One of the five newcomers is the 32-year-old mathematician, Prof. Dr. Sören Petrat, who came to Bremen from the renowned Princeton University in the United States. At Jacobs University he particularly values the students’ high level of qualifications, the small classes and the colleagues in the Department of Mathematics. His special interest is mathematical physics, in particular quantum mechanics. Petrat intends to set up his own research group, but his immediate objective is something different: “I want to be a good lecturer”.

Another mathematician is Prof. Dr. Igors Gorbovickis. The 34-year-old was previously with the University of Uppsala in Sweden completing his post-doc. His research focuses on dynamic systems, i.e. mathematical models of time-dependent processes. “Jacobs University is a really good university. It’s a great opportunity for me to be part of this community and to pursue my academic objectives”.

Prof. Dr. Tilo Halaszovich, Professor of Global Markets and Firms switched to Jacobs University from the Chair in International Management and Governance at the University of Bremen. He says: “I can’t imagine another place where I can discuss issues relating to globalization and corporate activities abroad with such diverse and talented students”. The 39-year-old specialist in investments in developing countries and emerging markets intends to assist students in establishing their own companies and plans to set up an African Research Group as the continent has wide development potentials.

Organizations, be they associations, schools or companies, are the specialization of Prof. Dr. Olivier Berthod, Professor of Organization & Management. He is interested in how they can be structured more reliably, make fewer mistakes and how a culture of early identification of changes can arise. The 34-year-old, who comes from the Free University of Berlin says “that would make life significantly easier in the life of organizations, in particular for employees”.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Eickemeyer, Professor of Lean Management in the Department of Business & Economics is also a new staff member at Jacobs University. The 35-year-old, who, parallel to his teaching activity, also works as a Senior Management Consultant at the strategy and management consultancy “Cylad Consulting” is an expert in internal and external supply chains. At Jacobs University, he intends to devote himself mainly to new cooperations with companies. “They are often the foundation of innovative research projects and can be a bridge for students for life after their studies”.

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