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Focus on China: Jacobs University starts discussion forum

Jacobs University Fall Open House 2015

18 October 2016

It starts with a 30-minute English presentation by a scientist, followed by discussion in a convivial atmosphere: The research center China Global at Jacobs University is hosting a public discussion on China and its role in the world on the campus of Jacobs University in the north of Bremen. On October 26, Professor Tobias ten Brink will speak about "Challenges to the Stability of the Chinese Economic Model." Admission is free, and interested parties are welcome!
The “China Discussion Forum,” which is the official title of the series of events, is a platform for the exchange of ideas and suggestions on topics that change each month. “In this way, we want to contribute to a deepening of knowledge about China in society and science,” says Tobias ten Brink, Professor of Chinese Society and Business at the English-language university. His presentation deals primarily with the long-lasting economic boom in China and its institutional foundations. On October 5th, the first discussion forum took place with a presentation by Professor Christoph Lattemann on the topic of “Globalization of Chinese Enterprises to Germany and Europe: Recent Developments & Motives.” The discussion forum is open to all those interested in the economic and social development of China.
China is trading partner, economic and political superpower; a country in flux, whose cultural values remain inaccessible to many Europeans. The China Global Center at Jacobs University wants to contribute to a transfer of knowledge. It understands itself as a builder of bridges between worlds. This includes, for instance, holding international conferences with speakers from both countries, which are designed to intensify the dialog.
In its work, the China Global Center concentrates on the growing activities of China in Germany and Europe, as well as the Chinese economic model, its sustainability and innovative power. The work involves close collaboration among scientists from a wide variety of disciplines. On the campus of Jacobs University, however, there is not only research on China; there is also collaboration with China. The research center provides support for Chinese guest scientists as well. There are exchange programs with Fudan University in Shanghai and Capital Normal University in Beijing. One particular focus of the cooperative efforts is on the transfer between academics and practice.
In addition to the discussion forum, the China Global Center also initiates various other events, such as the symposium “The Rise of China: Challenges and Opportunities”, which will be held on November 17 and 18, 2016, with presentations and discussion panels on various socio-political and economic topics as well as regular public guest lectures.
When: October 26, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.
Where: Campus of Jacobs University, Research IV, Room 48
Additional information:
Questions will be answered by:
Professor Tobias ten Brink | China Global Center
t.tenbrink [at] | Tel.: +49 421 200- 3382