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How do rhododendron constituents affect our cells?

Prof. Klaudia Brix
April 5, 2016
On Saturday, April 9th, at 11 o'clock, Prof. Dr. Klaudia Brix will present the topic: How do rhododendron constituents affect our cells? Since 2002, Claudia Brix has been a Professor of Cellular Biology at Jacobs University in Bremen. She studied biology in Bonn, got her PhD in 1987, and, together with her international work group, works on biomedical research topics and, along with colleagues from Essen and Berlin, coordinates a Germany-wide consortium on the topic of healthy thyroid function. Currently, she is also working closely with colleagues from the Rhododendron Park, a geneticist from the University of Oldenburg, and with a natural products chemist and a microbiologist from Jacobs University, to investigate the cellular biological effects of botanical substances.
Leaves and flowers of various plants have long been known for the biologically active substances they contain. At Jacobs University the biomedical effects of such constituents obtained from rhododendron leaves are being investigated. Are skin cells damaged or is their function supported, when they come into contact with rhododendron extracts? Can tumor cells be killed by botanical substances? And just how do we even know whether a cell is damaged? How cell biologists focus on the potential of active substances from rhododendron is explained by the speaker in her presentation.
'Wissen um 11' (Knowledge at 11) is Bremen’s popular morning science talk at the House of Science in which exciting current topics from science and academics are presented for 30 minutes starting at 11 a.m. every Saturday. Admission is free!