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Jacobs Sounding Board
At its second meeting the Sounding Board, Jacobs University’s new advisory panel, discussed about the progress of the change process.
Renowned representatives from universities all over the world, internationally operating companies and alumni from Jacobs University offer their expertise – this is the idea behind the Sounding Board, which was established last year. 
"It was fascinating working together with businessmen and alumni to plan the bright future of Jacobs University“, says Margarete Heck, Professor of Cell Biology and Genetics at the University of Edinburgh. And Alumni Petar Perkovic, Global Corporate Affairs Director at Mars Incorporated, adds: „It's great to see the discussion that ensues when you connect such a diverse group of people. This breadth of perspectives and experiences is exactly what we need to be successful."
This year’s panel consisted of 20 members; Jacobs University was represented by President Prof. Katja Windt, the Deans Prof. Arvid Kappas, and Prof. Werner Nau, and faculty members from all focus areas. One of the topics was the formation of strategic partnerships with industry. "It was inspiring to discuss new possibilities of cooperation with companies, an area where Jacobs University can offer unique solutions“, said Peter Hoedemaker, Chair of the Board of Directors at KAEFER Isoliertechnik. Andreas Birk, Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, agreed: “Many interesting questions have been raised.”