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Jacobs University Awards Two Full Tuition Scholarships


April 25, 2022

Academic excellence, drive, eagerness to make an impact- all these qualities and more are examined during the application process at Jacobs University Bremen, and those who stand out the most are awarded a full tuition scholarship. Starting Fall 2022, Mariami Bokuchava from Georgia and Sejal Anish Maniyar from India will pursue their studies at Jacobs University Bremen. Naturally, they both have the academic achievements the University was looking for but it’s their extracurriculars that put them over the top.

The scholarship holder: Mariami Bokuchava (Source: Jacobs University)

Mariami, who is looking forward to starting her career at Jacobs University this fall to study International Relations: Politics and History, is a Model United Nations Conference - UNICEF committee chairperson, a swimming enthusiast, and she has participated and won awards in a number of public speaking, literary and science events. She has a curious nature and shows outstanding scholastic aptitude as well as eagerness to learn and lead. She is also fluent in four languages: Georgian, English, German and Russian.

All these achievements are more than enough to open many doors for Mariami but they are not what makes her the exceptional student Jacobs University is looking forward to welcoming on campus in the fall. What makes Mariami special, is her drive and determination to fight for gender equality: her initiative and willingness to challenge the deep-rooted perceptions that girls are less capable of scientific achievements than boys, and most of all, her brave act of speaking out and fighting for her beliefs.

None the less engaged, Sejal has been a vital member of her university community, taking on a leadership role in the VIT Mathematical Association, as well as co-organizing the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Information Technology and Engineering (ic-ETITE-2020), which attracted researchers and scholars from across the globe. She has proven her commitment to furthering her knowledge through participation in various programming and coding competitions as well as expanding her skill set and gaining work experience through multiple internships.

The scholarship holder: Sejal Anish Maniyar. (Source: Jacobs University)

Sejal is determined to use her academic talents to help others. In 2021, she worked on a project to detect COVID-19 using chest x-rays. She created a deep learning model to diagnose patients with more than 95% accuracy. Sejal personifies the core values of academic excellence and personal development that Jacobs University values most in their students. Attaining her Master’s Degree at Jacobs University in Data Engineering will allow her to further pursue such initiatives in the future.
The scholarship allows them to complete their studies without having to worry about the tuition fees of 60.000 Euros (undergraduate programs) or 40.000 Euros (graduate programs).

Even though the full tuition scholarship is no longer available for the 2022 intake of students in the fall, Jacobs University still offers partial academic scholarships and financial aid packages to give students the opportunity to get a quality education at an institution with high academic standards, multidisciplinary programs, unmatched diversity on campus, internship opportunities, a multicultural network of educators, and support at every step of the way.

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