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Jacobs University Career Fair: Young Talent in Demand

Career Fair 2017

Photo: Harald Rehling

February 23, 2017

“Jacobs University’s internationality is what makes it so attractive to us. Its graduates come from all over the world. As a globally active company, this is extremely important to us,” said Dr. Georg Oenbrink from Evonik Industries AG. The specialty chemicals corporation headquartered in Essen, Germany, was one of about 40 companies that participated in Jacobs University’s third career fair in Bremen on Wednesday, presenting themselves to potential employees.

More than 1000 visitors decided not to pass up the opportunity to directly speak with potential future employers at the career fair. “Many students are extremely active, using innovative ideas to stand out,” said Usman Ramay from Amazon. In addition to international companies such as Microsoft, Tesla, AB InBev, KPMG, Barry Callebaut, and Roche, firms from the region, like the dairy enterprise DMK Group, also participated. In addition, research institutes like the Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Marum, and Fraunhofer Mevis, or institutions like German Society for International Cooperation (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and SOS Children’s Villages, also took advantage of the career fair.

For Jacobs University, this was the largest and most thematically wide-ranging career fair on the campus so far: “We are extremely pleased that the Career Fair has grown into such a popular networking platform for exhibitors, students, and numerous alumni,” said Predrag Tapavicki, Head of Corporate Relations & Talent Management at Jacobs University, who organized the fair together with his team.

The fact that other opportunities exist besides taking a position at a corporation or scientific facility after leaving the university was demonstrated by the “Alumni Startup Corner.” Here, graduates that have founded their own companies introduce themselves to students – like Kent Bridgewater, founder of Brige GmbH, a firm that manufactures cleaning systems for industrial companies. Or Benjamin Thies, co-founder of Philosoffee GmbH, a specialty supplier of particularly high-quality coffee.

In workshops during the fair, HR managers and graduates of Jacobs University also provided numerous tips for the job application process, introduced their areas of work, and reported on their experiences as young entrepreneurs. This group even included two people who made it onto the Forbes list of the most influential people under 30 in the field of technology in Europe: Cornel Amariei, Innovation Manager at Continental, and Ankur Modi, founder of the IT company “Status Today,” who joined the fair live from London via Skype.

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Regina Velazquez / Jacobs University

Photo: Regina Velazquez / Jacobs University

Regina Velazquez / Jacobs University

Photo: Regina Velazquez / Jacobs University