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Jacobs University: Partner of the World


April 24, 2017

The University of Pennsylvania, University of Edinburgh, or our founding partner Rice University, to name but a few: Jacobs University is proud to have many high-ranked partner universities worldwide. Since March, Jacobs University has had a new prestigious partner from the UK – the University of Warwick. This student exchange cooperation provides Jacobs University’s students with an opportunity to spend their “World Track” semester in Coventry while University of Warwick’s students can join Jacobs University’s Study Abroad program on the multicultural campus in Bremen.

Meanwhile, visiting and exchange students at Jacobs University visited Germany’s only offshore island – Helgoland. The field trip is part of the “German Politics and Culture” course which is designed to introduce students to the European Union as well as to Germany’s political system. At the end of March, 18 students visited the island. The program included a meeting with the mayor, a guided tour of a bunker, and presentations about the island’s turbulent history as well as about the offshore wind farm project. Another highlight of the excursion was a visit to the sandy island (dune) that is home to more than 600 seals.

The visiting and exchange students come from various partner universities such as Lafayette College (USA), Wellesley College (USA), Villanova University (USA), Vassar College (USA), Cornell University (USA), Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, Spain), and the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). They spend a semester abroad at Jacobs University. Several field trips are offered as part of the partner program. In February and March, the group visited Berlin and Brussels.