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Jacobs University supports Jugend forscht project


February 26, 2016

School-children Ada Mittrenga and Gaby Nolan from Rübekamp School Center have made it to the very top with their project. They were awarded first place in the regional stage of the Jugend forscht (Young Researchers) competition. In the next few weeks they will be entering the national phase of Jugend forscht.
They have been supported in their project by Matthias Ullrich, Professor of Microbiology at Jacobs University. Together with the scientist they wanted to discover how widespread bacterial antibiotic resistance is in northern Bremen’s waters. To do this they took water samples, analyzed them, and compared them with contextual data such as location, area of influence, proximity to hospitals, livestock sheds and household waste – with interesting results. 
This collaboration between Jacobs University and Rübekamp School Center is an especially positive example of the numerous opportunities that exist for collaboration between universities and schools. 
“We wish Ady and Gaby all the best and hope they win another award at Jugend forscht. Their commitment is impressive and the subject they have chosen is highly topical and very challenging,” says Matthias Ullrich.