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Making children’s Christmas wishes come true

05. December 2016

The citizens of Bremen still have until December 9th to grant the urgent wish of a child at Christmas. On Christmas trees in the north of Bremen and on the campus of the international Jacobs University, interested persons can find notes on which children have written three wishes. Anyone can take one of the notes to sweeten the Christmas festivities for one of these children.
The “Make a Wish” program goes back to an initiative of the Rotaract Clubs at Jacobs University – a youth organization that works toward international understanding. Cooperating partners include Vegesack Marketing and Epsymo e.V. – a parents’ association for the promotion of psychomotor development of children. The wishes come from children in the day care centers Neuenkirchener Weg and Fillenkamp in Bremen-North. The gifts should not exceed a value of 20 Euro. They can be brought to the shoe store “Schuhhaus Meineke” in Vegesack, to the “Haus der Zukunft” in Lüssum, or be left with the porter at Jacobs University.
The goal of the organization is to help make up to 300 wishes come true in this way. “For the children, a gift like this is something very special,” says Minu-Naemi Lorenzen, who provides support for the coordination of “Make a Wish” at Jacobs University. “Together with Santa Claus, we bring the presents to the children ourselves. Often there are very moving moments. It’s just a great experience, being able to bring joy to the children.”
“Make a Wish” is being carried out for the eighth time already. The Rotaract Club brings together young people throughout Germany ages 18 to 30. Their goal is to help people in need and to develop themselves personally. Their motto is: “Learning, helping, celebrating.”
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