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Neelmeyer Foundation honors leadership duo at Jacobs University

31. August 2016

For services in the advancement of research and science in the state of Bremen, the President and the Managing Director of Jacobs University received an award from the Peter Franz Neelmeyer Foundation. Professor Katja Windt and Professor Michael Hülsmann accepted the award at a ceremony in the Havana Lounge in downtown Bremen.
“With this prize, we honor the hopeful course taken by Jacobs University since the leadership duo took office two and a half years ago,” says Dr. Frank Schlaberg, Chairman of the Curatorium of the Peter Franz Neelmeyer Foundation. “As an international and interdisciplinary university, Jacobs University is an important factor for the Bremen location.”
In his laudatory address, Dr. Johann Christian Jacobs, Honorary Chairman of the Foundation Council of the Jacobs Foundation and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Governors of Jacobs University, honored the commitment of Windt and Hülsmann: “You have restructured the curriculum and, through numerous cooperative programs with prestigious companies, you have given it even more practical relevance. In addition, you have ensured that Jacobs University, despite efforts to cut costs, has been able to remain a university with a versatile profile of disciplines, which is dedicated to research questions that are relevant worldwide.” The response of the students shows that there is a market for private university education even in a university system financed extensively by the state, as it is in Germany. “Jacobs University will have a good future, of that I am convinced.”
Regarding the academic background of Windt and Hülsmann, Jacobs said: “I do not think it is by chance that it is two logistics scientists who have made a decisive contribution to enabling this university to set a hopeful course again after some difficult years. After all, these two bring along an alert eye for work procedures and organizational processes. They understand the interplay of supply and demand, the right timing, and the necessity of networking among a wide variety of actors, so that the things that are needed are in the right place at the right time.” A private university can not fail to profit from this wealth of experience.
The Peter Franz Neelmeyer Foundation Award was founded in 2004 with the aim of promoting research and science in Bremen. This year, for the first time, the foundation’s prize was awarded in the form of a two-headed bust by the artist Prof. Bernd Altenstein. The two faces of the bronze sculpture, which are facing in opposite directions, symbolize research and application, as well as the inseparable connection between the two.