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One step ahead with the help of our Foundation Year


Trishti Poloovadoo graduated from the Foundation Year program 2017. Now she is studying Psychology at Jacobs University and is involved in campus life in many areas.

When starting the Foundation Year program Trishti was already interested in Psychology: “I always knew I wanted to pursue a bachelor in psychology. However, I did not think I was ready yet to tackle on the workload and the new challenges. Furthermore, I was unsure on which other areas I wanted to choose as minors.” During the program she was able to try out different study fields and benefit from additional academic support. Beside Foundation Year Service classes she also joined Academic English courses and a workshop series to improve her academic and personal skills. “I had a whole year to adjust to the new environment and find my way around managing all the task.  I was able to learn about which studying techniques worked better for me and how to successfully manage my time. This is something I am immensely benefiting from now during my undergraduate studies.”

Trishti is now working as a student assistant for the Foundation Year and Counseling Center. She is also involved as an intercultural trainer and still pursuing her favorite hobby: oriental dance. Managing her academic workload as well as all extracurricular activities comes easier to her. “I feel like I am a step ahead, as I am well prepared for academic challenges. The Foundation Year provided me with the skills needed to have a better university experience. It enabled me to better ensure that I would thrive in my next step towards my education.”