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Pop poet on campus: Julia Engelmann’s first music video performed at Jacobs University


October 10, 2017

Taking charge of your own happiness – that is what Julia Engelmann’s song “Grüner wird’s nicht” [The grass isn’t going to get greener] is all about. The 25-year-old pop poet from Bremen, who became famous as a poetry slammer and author, filmed her first music video on Jacobs University’s campus in September. The results can be seen on the Internet from this week. “We had an incredibly wonderful time filming on Jacobs University’s beautiful campus,” says Julia Engelmann.

A recording of her appearance at a poetry slam in Bielefeld some three and a half years ago launched the now 25-year-old to fame. Three books followed - each one featured on Spiegel’s bestseller list. Her first live tour in 2015/2016 attracted 40,000 visitors and when she recently performed the song poem “Grapefruit zum Frühstück” (Grapefruit for breakfast), she garnered more than 750,000 clicks within a short period of time. “Her books and appearances appeal not only to her peers but also grandmothers and their grandchildren,” wrote the newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
Her success on the stage and on the Internet was followed by the first record deal with her debut album called “Poesiealbum” (Poetry album) being released at the beginning of November. But first, she produced her very first music video. In line with the song title “Grüner wird’s nicht”, Julia Engelmann filmed her video on Jacobs University’s campus, with its wide open green spaces, for one day.  She also recommended visitors to pop by the filming location on October 21 during the University’s “Open House”.
If you would like to experience her live, Julia Engelmann is still on her Germany tour until December 13. Her “Eines Tages, Baby – Upgrade” (One Day, Baby – Upgrade) tour will take her to 35 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And “Grüner wird’s nicht”, the song in the video recorded on the Campus in Bremen, will also be heard. 
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