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In pursuit of reinventing higher education

Sandro Giuliani, Geschäftsführer der Jacobs Foundation

October 17, 2018

Universities must embrace both elements of innovation – new technologies as well as advances in classroom teaching, writes Sandro Giuliani, Managing Director of the Jacobs Foundation in BOLD blog. In November he will be co-hosting B³ - Bildung Beyond Boundaries together with Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann, President of Jacobs University.

“As universities seek to educate true citizens of the world and equip them with the 21st-century skills needed to promote sustainable global development, top-quality, tailored digital content and tools alone will not differentiate one university from another. What is needed is an optimal blend of such content with intercultural, interdisciplinary, research-driven and employability-oriented instruction and methods for use in a physical classroom”, writes Sandro Giuliani, Managing Director of the Jacobs Foundation, in a blog post on BOLD, a blog on learning and development.

Giuliani carries on: “Contrary to popular belief, education technology is not the main driver of innovation in higher education. It is, however, an essential precondition. To expand the frontiers of the education sector, universities must embrace both elements of innovation – new technologies as well as advances in teaching and learning in a physical classroom – and understand that neither, in isolation, will suffice.” Read his full article on BOLD.

Which innovative approaches and methods are important for excellent higher education in the 21st century? On 8 November, the symposium B³ - Bildung Beyond Boundaries will deal with this question. International education experts from a wide range of disciplines will discuss new concepts and radical ideas for a first-class and innovative higher education on the campus of Jacobs University in Bremen on 8 and 9 November. Among them are: Prof. Dr. Patrick Aebischer, member of the Jacobs Foundation Board and former President of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Prof. Dr. Siân Bayne, Professor of Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, Manuel Dolderer, President and Co-Founder of CODE University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and Prof. Susan Engel, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Williams College. The first day of the symposium will be open to a specialist audience.

The entire program and the possibility to register can be found at:   

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