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Successful aging by means of regular physical exercise; “Fit im Nordwesten“ is recruiting study participants

Regular exercise is important to feel fit, healthy and connected (Photo: Shutterstock)


March 20, 2019

Most people are aware that regular exercise is important to feel fit, healthy and connected. However, many don't know how to start exercising or they never find the right time to do the first step for a more physically active lifestyle. The aim of the new “Fit im Nord-Westen” program is to help people aged 60 and over who have so far done little or no physical activity at all. This program aims to help them becoming more active and age successfully. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the research project is being carried out by the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology (BIPS), Jacobs University Bremen, the Institute for Computer Science in Oldenburg (OFFIS) and Chemnitz University of Technology. The patron is Anja Stahmann, Senator for Social Affairs, Youth, Women, Integration and Sport in Bremen.

The nine-month project will test various forms of support for regular exercise and activity. Participants start with a ten-week exercise program, which some randomly selected receive as a paper version, others web-based. At the same time, ten weekly group meetings will take place for all participants. Joint activities and various topics, such as a balanced diet, will then be focused on. At the end of the ten-week program, everyone is given the opportunity to change groups or maintain in the paper version or the web-based version. The program then will run for a further six months to observe the effects over a longer period of time.

“We are investigating how to promote healthy ageing and well-being in adults aged 60 and over. That's why we developed the ‘Fit im Nord-Westen’ exercise program," says Dr. Claudia Pischke, Professor of Public Health and one of the two study directors. “We know from research with older people that loneliness is an increasing issue of concern. Exercise in general and programs like ‘Fit im Nord-Westen’ can help overcome loneliness or not get lonely in the first place. If you sign up for the program, you will give yourself the push. We hope that many people will take part," adds Dr. Sonia Lippke, Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine at Jacobs University and also head of the study.

‘Fit im Nord-Westen' takes place in selected districts in the north of Bremen. Participation in the research project is free of charge. Those who have a device with Internet access in their homes and are able to use it regularly, may participate independently (without personal supervision). Participation is possible for those who have not already taken part in the first phase of ‘Fit im Nord-Westen'.

Registration free of charge under the telephone number:
0800/2477245 (week days between 09:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.).

Questions regarding the joint project "Fit im Nord-Westen" will be answered by:
Tiara Ratz, project manager
email: fit-im-nordwesten [at]