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These are Jacobs University’s Teachers of the Year

Dean Prof. Dr. Werner Nau, Dr. Stanislav Milkov Chankov, Prof. Dr. Klaudia Brix, Dr. Silke Cramer, Prof. Dr. Tilo Halaszovich, and Dean Prof. Dr. Arvid Kappas


October 22, 2018

Each year Jacobs University awards a professor, lecturer or language instructor among the many dedicated faculty members for their excellent teaching in the past academic year. The awardees are decided by a university committee based on the nominations from students.

As in previous years, the committee members have received this time many nominations with outstanding candidates who left a deep impression on students due to their enthusiasm for the subject, high quality teaching and the ability to create an enriching and inspiring learning environment. Congratulations to the winners, who are described below in the words of students who have nominated them.

In the Focus Area Health, Prof. Dr. Klaudia Brix, Professor of Cell Biology has been awarded Teacher of the Year. Jacobs students describe her as “a fantastic, genuine, thought-provoking lecturer who brings a fresh perspective to topics that would otherwise seem tedious.” “She is perhaps one of the few instructors who can transfer mistakes into learning experiences, leading students to feel more at ease in unfamiliar settings.” “From the first semester onward, she has been ever moving and ever witty, dedicated in providing the best education possible and encouraging passion for science in a way that was organic and engaging.” “An advocate for students’ interests, she has encompassed that being a professor goes beyond the classroom.”

Dr. Stanislav Milkov Chankov, University Lecturer in Supply Chain Management, receives the award in the Focus Area Mobility. Students nominated him for “his never ending efforts to go beyond the call of duty to enable students to understand and learn complex topics.” “For pushing his students to give their best. For being an inspiration to his students. For fighting for and promoting equality and fairness.” “Due to his outstanding motivation and love for his profession he motivates his students to be the best that they can be.” “He is truly one of those professors who really try to interact with his students and try to figure out the problems” and “who is willing to find different pathways to make his students archive a higher level of education.”

In the Focus Area Diversity, Prof. Dr. Tilo Halaszovich, Professor of Global Markets & Firms, has been awarded Teacher of the Year for “managing to make his classes interactive and full of important information which is up to date.” “He is always approachable for his students in many situations.” Prof. Halaszovich “is without doubt professional with his knowledge and skills, and extremely responsible and helpful person who cares for his students on an individual level and has contributed a lot to the Jacobs community”.

Dr. Silke Cramer, familiarizes Jacobs students with the German language, and has been awarded Teacher of the Year for being “an unwavering support to the entire Jacobs community, who has especially assisted the international Jacobs student body from all language levels with their German skills.” “Her positive attitude and caring nature make working with her a joy.” “Dr. Cramer has proved to master the ‘art’ of teaching, and was extremely understanding to all the students.” “The way she addresses problems is marvelous.”