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Students in higher education may receive funding under the Federal Training Assistance Act. Half of the support for students is provided in the form of a grant, the other half is an interest-free state loan totaling not more than 10,000 euros, which must be repaid in installments after completion of the standard period of study.

Non-Germans are also entitled to support

Foreigners are also entitled to BAföG support. Students who have prospects of remaining in Germany and are already integrated in society are elegible to this grant. Individuals who hold a German indefinite leave to remain, for example, because they have grown up here or hold the right of residence from their parents or partners.

Find out more information about the eligibility and selection process in the following PDF (German): BAfoG2018

In the first instance you are welcome to speak to one of following Professors in your faculty who would be able to asses your eligibility to this initiative.
Biologie/Lebenswissenschaften: Prof. Dr. Christian Hammann
Chemie: Prof. Dr. Thomas Nugent
Physik: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fritz
Geowissenschaften: Prof. Dr. Michael Bau
Mathematik: Prof. Dr. Marcel Oliver
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen/Logistik: Dr. Stanislav Chankov
Informatik: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schönwälder
Elektrotechnik: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel
Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Prof. Dr. Thilo Halaszovich
Psychologie: Prof. Dr. Song Yan
Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften: Prof. Dr. Marion Müller

For more information contact:

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