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Jacobs language programs



Mandarin Chinese is the world’s most widely spoken mother tongue (as reflected in the figures from the UNESCO). Mandarin language skills offer access to one of the world’s largest economic powers, as well as to a culture rich in history and tradition. Jacobs University offers Mandarin language courses for beginners in cooperation with its partner Konfuzius Institut Bremen. The language courses aim at fostering cross-cultural understanding as courses cover topics of Chinese culture and society.

Note that courses are not yet part of a fully-fledged language program and run as single offers in addition to the language programs of German, Spanish and French.

Jacobs University currently offers the following Mandarin Chinese courses:

  • Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture I (1) – For students without any knowledge of Mandarin Chinese
  • Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture I (2) – Second part of the beginner level
  • Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture II (1) – For students who completed the previous two levels


Standardized Test of Chinese Proficiency HSK

Chinese courses prepare participants for the Certificate of the Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) – the official test to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers. Jacobs University does, however, not offer the standardized test on campus and is not responsible for organizing or funding students’ participation in the test.

Further information is provided by the Konfuzius Institut Bremen and by Hanban.



The Konfuzius-Institut is the official Chinese cultural institute supported by the Chinese government. It not only offers language courses but also a great variety of cultural events at its local office in Bremen. More information on the website