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College Nordmetall

College Nordmetall, named after a regional employer association, is the largest and newest college on campus and opened in 2010. It is located near the Student Acitivities Center, classrooms, library, train station and the coffee bar. Nordmetall features a beautiful green garden in the central courtyard, and boasts larger rooms for activities.

Most students live in a double apartment, with their own furnished bedroom and shared bathroom. College Nordmetall also has single apartments with private bathroom facilities. Due to the large and unique layout, Nord has a large laundry room, servery, and common spaces for relaxing, socializing, studying and meeting. For instance, it is the only college with a multi-functional Dance Room, where the Martial Arts and Hip Hop Club meet, among other events and activities.


The Yellow & Purple community with a polar bear as a mascot


Nordmetall is known across campus as being the quieter, nerdy college. Students study and work hard but also play hard. The community’s mascot is a polar bear with yellow and purple colors that are worn with pride. As the polar bears the students can look cute and cuddly but they can be fierce.

Quick Facts:

95 single rooms
Polar bear as a mascot
Built in 2010
Accommodates 262 students
Biggest kitchens





College Nordmetall Resident Mentor: Catherine Paro

Catherine Paro moved to Germany from the USA and became the Nordmetall Resident Mentor in September 2018. She lives in the college with her husband, Ben. Catherine has a Master of Arts in Leadership in Student Affairs and worked in student life at several U.S. colleges and universities before coming to Jacobs University. Mentoring and assisting college students in the pivotal time of their development between youth and adulthood is a passion of hers and she is able to use her strengths and background here for the students at Jacobs.

“My residential support team works hard to make Nord home for everyone who lives here, through events, comforting spaces, and resources. Research shows that college students learn and grow just as much, if not more, outside the classroom. Their residential living and extra-curricular activities play a large role in that, especially in the multi-cultural environment here at Jacobs.“

Catherine Paro, Resident Mentor



Events organized by College Nordmetall:

Nordmetall host the annual Nerd Party on campus and puts their own spin on the German Christmas Market, right in the servery for the Jacobs community. The college team plans exam cheer-ups that also cater to the quieter, nerdy-side of students with video game tournaments, face-mask and relaxation parties, painting, and more.