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Jacobs Focus on Diversity

Our Focus on Diversity


When considering the development of our modern global society, individuals are regarded as indivisible biological, psychological and socially determined beings. This area includes topics such as social cohesion, state systems, the preservation of social welfare or the effects of regulatory systems on the individual, such as their impact on human rights. Diversity is thus regarded as a driving force behind development and progress.



Faculty and Researchers in the Focus Area Diversity

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Birus
Professor of Comparative Literature Studies (Wisdom-Professorship)
h.birus [at]
Reimar Lüst Hall, Room 162
Prof. Dr. Klaus Boehnke
Professor of Social Science Methodology
k.boehnke [at]
Research IV, Room 112
Professor of Sociology
h.brockmann [at]
Research IV, Room 46
Adjunct Professor (External)
s.eickemeyer [at]
University Lecturer in Sociology
j.fruchtmann [at]
Research IV, 79
Prof. Dr. Philipp Genschel (on leave)
Professor of European Public Policy
Philipp.Genschel [at]
Dr. Lüder Gerken
Adjunct Professor ("Honorarprofessur") of Economics
l.gerken [at]
Professor of Neuroscience
b.godde [at]
Research IV, Room 129
Professor of Global Markets & Firms
t.halaszovich [at]
Research IV, Room 65
Adjunct Professor in Law and African Studies
m.hinz [at]
Research IV, Room 99 b
Prof. Dr. Arvid Kappas
a.kappas [at]
Reimar Lüst Hall, 257 | Res. IV, 116
Adjunct Professor in Psychology
a.karim [at]
Adjunct Professor of International Relations
c.knoop [at]
Research IV, Room 92
Professor of Psychology
u.kuehnen [at]
Research IV, Room 119
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
t.lang [at]
Lab 3, Room 1
Professor of Business Administration and Information Management
c.lattemann [at]
Research IV, Room 60 a/b
Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke
Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
s.lippke [at]
Research IV, Room 106
Dr. Ulrich Nußbaum
Adjunct Professor ("Honorarprofessur")
u.nussbaum [at]
Professor of Social Systems and Ecological Economics
a.schlueter [at]
ZMT Bremen
Prof. Dr. Margrit Schreier
Adjunct Professor of Empirical Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences
m.schreier [at]
Research IV, 100b
Assistant Professor of Global Economics and Management
a.seebeck [at]
Research IV, Room 86
Professor of Political Science
k.smithstegen [at]
Research IV, Room 105
Prof. Dr. Christian Stamov Roßnagel
Professor of Organisational Behaviour
c.stamovrossnagel [at]
Research IV, Room 39
Professor of Chinese Economy and Society
t.tenbrink [at]
Research IV, Room 98
University Lecturer in Contemporary History
j.timpe [at]
Research IV, 102
Professor of Quantitative Methods
c.vance [at]
Research IV, Room 66
Prof. Dr. Marco Verweij
Professor of Political Science
m.verweij [at]
Research IV, Room 113
Prof. Dr. Sven C. Voelpel
Professor of Business Administration
s.voelpel [at]
Research IV, Room 76
Prof. Dr. Adalbert F.X. Wilhelm
Professor of Statistics
a.wilhelm [at]
Research IV, Room 111
Prof. Dr. Isabel Wünsche
Professor of Art and Art History
i.wunsche [at]
Research IV, Room 107
Prof. Dr. Song Yan
Professor of Psychology
s.yan [at]
Research IV, Room 38