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Our Focus on HEALTH


Designing solutions for a healthier world has always been one of the great challenges of science. The goal is to make a healthy life possible for each human being and for the growing world population as a whole. Food, plants and marine algae can have a positive effect on health similar to that of conventional medicine. However, scientists first have to identify and isolate bioactive substances and explore their safe application through transdisciplinary cooperation between geo science, life sciences, physics and chemistry.


Faculty and Researchers in the Focus Area Health

Prof. Dr. Michael Bau
Professor of Geosciences
mbau [at]
Research III, Room 119
Adjunct Professor of Biotechnology
r.benz [at]
Research II, Room 89
Adjunct Professor of Marine Geosciences
Jelle.Bijma [at]
Research III
Professor of Cell Biology
k.brix [at]
Research II, Room 107
Adjunct Professor
r.diprimio [at]
Prof. Dr. Adele Diederich
Professor of Psychology
a.diederich [at]
Research IV, Room 117
University Lecturer in Physics & Laser Protection Representative
pdonfack [at]
Research III, Room 78
Adjunct Professor of Biochemical Engineering
m.fernandez-lahore [at]
Research II, Room 64
Adjunct Professor of Marine Biology
p.fischer [at]
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fritz
Professor of Biophysics
jfritz [at]
Research III, Room 56
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
d.gabel [at]
Research II, Room 93
Adjunct Professor of Geochemistry
Research III, Room 49a
Adjunct Professor of Physical Oceanography
ruediger.gerdes [at]
Adjunct Professor of Bioinformatics
f.gloeckner [at]
Research II, Room 91
Adjunct Professor
c.hammann [at]
Research II, Room 119
jhaerter [at]
Research III, Room 66
Professor of Computational Systems Biology
m.huett [at]
Research II, Room 117
Cell Biology
s.illenberger [at]
Research II, Room 54
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
f.jonas [at]
Research II, Room 119
Associate Professor of Microbiology
b.kartal [at]
Research II, Room 91 (JU)
m.klein [at]
Research II, Room 129
Professor of Theoretical Physics
ukleinekathoefer [at]
Research III, Room 61
Scientific Fellow (Alumni)
c.kleint [at]
Professor of Chemistry
ukortz [at]
Research III, Room 111
Professor of Geosciences
akoschinsky [at]
Research III, Room 105
Professor of Chemistry
nkuhnert [at]
Research III, Room 117
Professor of Biology and Ethics of Science & Technology
a.lerchl [at]
Research II, Room 56
University Lecturer
a.lisewski [at]
Research II, room 75
Professor of Chemical Physics
amaterny [at]
Research III, Room 60
Professor of Ecological Modelling
agostino.merico [at]
Research II, Room 43
Prof. Dr. Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns
Professor of Physics
hortmanns [at]
Research III, Room 64
Prof. Dr. Werner Nau
w.nau [at]
Res. III, Room 112 | Reimar Lüst Hall, 245
Professor of Molecular Biotechnology
e.nevoigt [at]
Research II, Room 113
 Prof. Dr. Thomas Nugent
Professor of Chemistry
tnugent [at]
Research III, Room 113
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry (External)
groeschenthaler [at]
Research III, Room 86
Assistant Professor of Biotechnology
k.rosenthal [at]
Res. II, Room 79
Professor of Earth and Planetary Science
anrossi [at]
Research III, Room 108
Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp
Professor of Physics
pschupp [at]
Research III, Room 65
Prof. Dphil Sebastian Springer
Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
s.springer [at]
Research II, Room 111
Dr. Laurenz Thomsen
Adjunct Professor of Geosciences (External)
lthomsen [at]
Professor of Microbiology
m.ullrich [at]
Research II, Room 60
Professor of Geosciences
vunnithan [at]
Research III, Room 98
Professor of Physics
jvogt [at]
Research III, Room 106
Professor of Physics
vwagner [at]
Research III, Room 62
Prof. Dr. Richard Wagner
Adjunct Professor of Biophysics
ri.wagner [at]
Research II, Room 38
Adjunct Professor of Computational Drug Discovery
B.Windshuegel [at]
JU: Research II, Room 94
Professor of Biophysics
m.winterhalter [at]
Research II, Room 87