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Making Deposit, Tuition, and Fee Payments

You have three options when making a payment for your enrollment deposit, your semester fees or your tuition deferral:

1.) Traditional bank transfer:
Account holder: Jacobs University Bremen
Commerzbank (old: Dresdner Bank)
Schüsselkorb 5-11
28195 Bremen
IBAN: DE11 2908 0010 0100 9242 01
Please note: Commerzbank has recently merged with Dresdner Bank. When making a bank transfer to our Commerzbank account, the BIC might be automatically changed to the old BIC from Dresdner Bank. Your bank transfer will still work with the old BIC.

In order to identify your transfer, please write your FULL NAME and the purpose (“enrollment deposit”, “semester fees”) in the reference line of the transfer.

2.)  In addition, you may pay in cash, with an EC card or with a credit card  in the Accounting Office: 

Reimar Lüst Hall, room 213, Mr. Nils Rapedius: n.rapedius [at]

Drop-in hours: Tuesdays between 1400 and 1600 and Thursdays between 1000 and 1200.
Please note: we accept only VISA and MASTERCARD with a PIN number.

3.) Highly Recommended Alternative for Foreign Payments: