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College 3

College 3 is the third college built on campus, accommodating 240 students in single, double and triple apartments. Students in double and triple rooms have their own bedroom and share a bathroom with the other inhabitants of the apartment. The 26 single rooms in College 3 have their own private bathroom. All students share a kitchen with 16 to 20 other students.

There is a laundry room in each of the four blocks and also a large common room, equipped with pool, football and table tennis tables as well as a lounge for relaxing and a multimedia room for watching movies and socialising.


The green college with a dragon as a mascot


College 3 is known as the sports college. Often, the students make up the majority of the sports teams on campus and this is helped by its proximity to the campus gym and tennis and basketball courts. Students of College 3 really enjoy the annual sports event, the Constructor University Games, but are also known to show the artsy side at Art On!, where they always compete for the top places! The students work hard as well, though – the large QSA is full every night with students from not only College 3 but also other colleges coming to make use of the productive environment. College 3 is the green college and the mascot is the dragon, which you can see at many campus events! Like dragons, they are strong and fearless!

Quick Facts:

➜ Accommodating 240 students
➜ Double and triple bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities
➜ 26 single bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities
➜ 3 single rooms with private bathroom facilities
➜ Pool, foosball, table tennis tables and multimedia room
➜ Mascot: Dragon




College 3 Resident Mentor: Fariba Sabzi

Fariba Sabzi is originally from Iran and has become Resident Mentor of College 3 in 2022. When she was 18 years old, she had to choose between a career as a professional taekwondo athlete and a career as a scientist. Fariba has got her bachelor’s degree and master's degree in Chemical Engineering. Afterward, she got admitted to a highly competitive doctoral program in "Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology".

In 2015, an internship at "TUM University of Munich" led her to Germany before joining Professor Kuhnert’s research group, Department of Life Sciences and Chemistry, Constructor University. Since 2018, in addition to her Ph.D. studies, she started working as a Resident Associate in College 3. In this position, she is supporting the students who live on campus, in cases of emergencies and offering advice. She believes that living at Constructor University makes students stronger and more independent, in other words, Constructor University aims both "professionally and personally".

“I am enthusiastic to be the Residential mentor for college C3, the place to be. We are responsible for making a big movement in campus life to make the future of our students become shiny. The next generation should be proud of us when they recognize the hard work that we did in campus life to make the world a better place.“

Fariba Sabzi, College 3 Resident Mentor



Events organized by College 3

College 3 has two big dates in the academic year. They organize the Halloween party for their students every year in October – this is the biggest party of the year, at which everyone dresses up and shows their spooky side! They also invite the kids of staff, faculty, the local kindergarden and neighborhood to a wonderful children’s party and get to see how all the little ghouls and ghosts get excited about playing games and getting candy from ‘Trick or Treat’! The second date in the calendar of College 3 is the annual Quiz Night. Over 200 people gather in the servery, again often dressed up, to battle to prove that they are the smartest guys on campus! Next to these events, they host amazing Superbowl, Oscars and Eurovision parties, taking advantage of the awesome multimedia room and its large screen. On top of all this, they have regular movie nights organized by the RAs and cheer ups organized by the student team.