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Jacobs Undergraduate Campus Activities

Campus Activities


The arts scene is a vibrant part of student life at Constructor University. Facilities such as TheaterSpace and MusicLab – created and built by students – bring together students who want to be a part of the performing arts. From concerts by J-Capella, the university choir, or Mzuka, our African choir to theater plays and annual big shows like Piano to Forte or the Spotlight talent show – there is something for everyone’s artistic side. Visual arts are also catered for with the Art Club hosting exhibitions and the Paper Studio providing a creative retreat for all.


Constructor University supports sports activities, featuring football, basketball, rowing, rugby, cricket, frisbee, and running to name a few. A new Sports and Convention Center houses our sports halls and a recreation/fitness center and rowing tank. We also have outdoor soccer and basketball fields, tennis and volleyball courts as well as access to an indoor pool. Sports activities are organized into recreational clubs and official university teams that compete in local leagues. The most spirited events are on campus though, with the Constructor University Games and the Inter-continental Football Tournament.


Diversity is at the heart of the Constructor University community. There are more than 30 student clubs and societies that engage in social, political, academic, and entrepreneurial activities. They include such diverse topics as the Bremen Model United Nations, the Debating Society, the Logistics Chain Club, and the Pulse of the World student newspaper. Every day is different at Constructor University with countless events on offer to explore our cultural differences and to foster mutual understanding for our campus community and external guests.


What binds all these extracurricular activities is a chance for students to be engaged and become responsible community members from the first day they arrive. All Campus Life activities are driven by students and born out of creativity, initiative, and passion to make things happen. Inspiration is not only a place, but a way of life at Constructor University.