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01/10/2022 - GDCh Chemistry Talk - Dr. Kirill Monakhov (IOM)

Polyoxometalates as Multi-State Nanoswitches on Surfaces

Monday, January 10, 2022 - 17:15
Lecture Hall of Research III


The Colloquium of the German Chemical Society (GDCh), Bremen Section


Dr. Kirill Monakhov, Leipzig Institute of Surface Engineering (IOM), will give a talk titled:

Polyoxometalates as Multi-State Nanoswitches on Surfaces

The future of semiconductor technology is driven by socio-ecological transdisciplinary challenges such as miniaturization to the 1 nm molecular scale, energy efficiency, big data storage and processing, biocompatibility and AI-based algorithms. The vanadium-based polyoxometalates: which role do they play in this ‘beyond CMOS’ Green-IT computing era, will be discussed.

On campus (academic & non-academic), the "3G rule" (genesen, geimpft, getestet) applies: only those who have been fully vaccinated, recovered or tested negative are allowed to participate the event!

Further information by the host of the guest speaker:

Prof. Ulrich Kortz, Professor of Chemistry, u.kortz [at] (subject: Guest%20Talk%20-%20Dr.%20Kirill%20Monakhov%2C%20January%2010%2C%202022) (E-Mail: ), Phone: 0421-200 3235, Link to homepage: