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12/05/2019 - An Evening on Early Life on Early Earth - Lepland

Prof. Dr. Aivo Lepland, Geological Survery of Norway, Trontheim, Norway

Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 18:00
University Club - Jacobs University


Title of the talk:

Great Oxidation Event and oldest major evaporates and microbial phosphorites: Paleoproterozoic rocks of Fennoscandia


Establishment of modern-type aerobic Earth during the Great Oxidation Event (GOE) at ca 2.4 Ga caused major global environmental disturbances as reflected by numerous geochemical anomalies in 2.0-2.5 Ga rock record. Sedimentary successions of the Fennoscandian Shield containing Earth’ oldest major evaporites, phosphorites and unique organic rich rocks called shungite provide some of the best materials to decode environmental signatures and microbial imprints during GOE.

The presentation will share to excitement of the Paleoproterozoic rocks of Fennoscandia and their paleoenvironmental potential.



All are kindly welcome!

More information by the host:  Prof. Dr. Michael Bau, Professor of Geosciences, m.bau [at]