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09/22/2017 JACOBS CAREER SYMPOSIUM Ways of Innovation: What is driving societal and economic change today?

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 18:30
ICC Conference Hall


The opening event of the yearly Jacobs Alumni Homecoming is devoted to challenging issues in the fields of career development, world of employment, and interactions between higher education and society. The Jacobs Career Symposium is organized by Career Services Center at Jacobs University and aims to foster a constructive discussion as well as networking opportunities between alumni from all over the world, current students, professors, employers, and additional experts.



A selected panel of Jacobs University alumni is invited to contribute and to interact with a discussion on the basis of their diverse backgrounds and expertise.
The reflection on the Symposium topic between the speakers is followed by an open debate with the audience, where further questions will be addressed and answered. The event ends with a socializing Get-together, giving all participantsthe opportunity to continue exchanging ideas as well as to expand their professional networks.



Innovation is a trending topic in current debates on the drivers and challenges of the changes that our societies and economies are facing today. Innovation hubs, labs, and study programs are popping up around the world, while companies and governments are hurrying to keep up the pace, ensuring or boosting their position in the global competition.

But what is innovation and what does it take to be innovative as an organization, a country, or as an individual? How is innovation impacting our life and work? Is it only about being “newer,” faster, and more productive, or can innovation contribute in achieving social fairness, sustainability and cohesion? What is the role of higher education in this dynamic context? Can we educate, prepare, or even “create” innovators?

The Symposium will approach these and further related key questions thanks to a selected panel of guests and Jacobs University alumni who will share their various professional experiences and insights. On the one hand, the focus will lay on the ways in which innovation is perceived and shaped by its different players, exploring the similarities and differences between innovation ecosystems on local, national, and international levels in a variety of sectors. On the other hand, the discussion will take into consideration the relevance of innovation for the personal and career development of students and alumni at Jacobs University.



18:30Welcome Address from Career Services Center
Predrag Tapavicki
Head of Corporate Relations and Talent Management
Jacobs University Bremen
18:45Welcome Address from Jacobs University Alumni Association
Anne Valtink, Jacobs Alumni Class of 2013
Senior Consultant
Oliver Wyman – Munich
19:00Keynote Speech: Make room – try out – Corporate Startups –
Two operating systems in one company.

Thomas Glöckner
Head of Global Innovation Management
Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA – Lübeck
20:00Panel discussion with Q&A
Get-Together with snacks and drinks
We thank AB InBev for sponsoring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer for this event.