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12/06/2017 SOS Nikolaus!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 16:00
Schulschiff Deutschland


English for JU-Event - SOS Nikolaus!
Prof. Nikolaus is on the North Sea excursion and will arrive accompanied by his elves & sweets. The helpers from the DFG (Deutsche Funk Gesellschaft e.V.) will be using Morris Code to guide him to the Schulschiff on time! Is he coming by sea, by horse or by plane? Come and find out! Everyone is invited to this fun event. Prof. Nikolaus has some nice stories in store too! Host families should bring nice little packages to share.

Place: On the Schulschiff Deutschland

Time: From  4-6 pm a special children’s and student program will take place (children must be accompanied by an adult);
From 6:30 – 8 pm students & families are invited to chill in a cozy maritime atmosphere on the Schulschiff Deutschland!


There will be another Christmas Tree and House Hopping in Lesum, St Magnus, Grohn, Leuchtenburg for students who will remain on campus during the holidays. Host families are invited to register if they would like to open their homes to show.

“English & Deutsch for JU” is a weekly bilingual discussion group with changing topics, complimentary organized by Cynthia and Udo Nieland at Jacobs University. The greater Jacobs community is invited to attend interesting interdisciplinary talks by scientists, researchers, writers, and artists. The project is the winner of the Jacobs University “Social Involvement and Community Service Award 2017".

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