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Healthy at Work

Jacobs University conducts research on occupational health promotion and eHealth

Sonia Lippke Occupational Health
October 5, 2015
The promotion of employee’s health is increasingly becoming a focal point of public interest. Growing numbers of employers require comprehensive measures. However, the question arises which of the approaches are feasible and scientifically sound to meet the challenges of the demographic change as well as diversity within the employees’ motivation to change unhealthy lifestyles. New research results from the team of Professor Sonia Lippke at Jacobs University in Bremen give new insights: Computer-based health promotion (eHealth) which tailor motivational treatments to the individual needs of the employees can help people to overcome inner temptations, to improve their health behaviors and to sustain their employability.
In this research, the research team consisting of Sonia Lippke and her colleagues from the Freie Universität Berlin reveal an innovative and cost-saving solution for employers and their employees to maintain human resource outcomes. The complete research results and further information on the study design and the intervention content was recently published online in the open access journal JMIR Human Factors. Companies wishing to find out more can get in touch with the team at Jacobs